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Relocating Pets to Singapore – Important points to remember

By July 17, 2020No Comments

Pets have their specific requirements, and you need to take care of that! Relocating with your pet is always challenging for pet owners. Don’t think that its easy for your pet. They are more anxious than you. A change of habitat or destination can make them restless, stressed, and change their basic behavior for a while.

What do you need to do first?

Are you relocating to another city or country with your pet? If yes, you first have to carefully research on the pet import laws of the place where you decide to relocate. You have to address all the legal paperwork which needs to get done. It is essential when you are planning air travel or are crossing state lines.

Once this gets done, the other guidelines to follow are:

  1. Speak to your vet

Take the vet’s appointment and visit him/her with your pet for crucial guidelines for relocating. Your vet will guide you on matters related to medications, vaccinations, and keeping other allied records updated. You should also determine if your pet should get tranquilized and if that’s a safe option. When you reach the destination, search for a local vet. Some pet owners start searching for this even when they haven’t relocated.

  1. Get in touch with the pet relocation service organization

Are you slightly unsure about the relocation? Are you anxious about the way it works? If yes, you should get in touch with the pet relocation agency. This mentorship will assist you in testing times. You can also opt-in for the state-of-the-art services that will resolve all your issues. These companies can help you with your pet relocation in Singapore and let you know the rules that you must obey.

  1. Customize a kennel for your dog

It’s advised that you get a kennel prepared for your pet. Simply put, the pet kennels offer ample advantages to pets regardless of their travel model. When your pet gets comfortable with the kennel before, there are no issues during the relocation process.

An expert pet moving company assists you to relocate or move with pets. The company also attends to essential details like tranquilizing and the like. Other than this, it would be best if you made arrangements for food and water along with the kennel. Arranging for the necessary supplies helps you in having a smooth relocation with your pet. 

Are you thinking twice about customizing a kennel? If yes, you need to know the benefits of the kennel to decide better. It helps to:

  • Prevent injury to pets
  • Minimize travel anxiety
  • Contain water, food, and other dog essentials
  • Avert littering that can take place on the airline or vehicle premise

Last but not least, you should have all the crucial documents ready. These comprise vaccination documents, a letter from your vet asking permission to travel, the pet certificates, and the like. You also need to stay aware of the quarantine rules that might be applicable. Once you keep all these pointers in mind, you can relocate with your pet to any location hassle-free. Your pet will get to travel without feeling anxious being in safe hands and conditions. 

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