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If you constantly pick up homeless dogs and cats and take them home, If you like to go to the zoo and enjoy making birdhouses, maybe it’s a time to think about a profession related to the animal world. Here is the list of professions related to animals that you’ll definitely like:


The zoologist studies physiology, anatomy, psychology of wild animals and pets.

Some might think this is a boring profession. In fact, this is one of the most fascinating specialities, because zoologists constantly travel around the planet and study common and rare species while writing scientific papers and textbooks.


A veterinarian is not a profession, but a vocation. This doctor treats domestic and exotic animals. The profession is difficult because the specialist has to understand anatomy and how all the organs work, just like a highly specialized doctor – a gastroenterologist, cardiologist, oncologist, andrologist, gynecologist and others. But this profession will always be in demand.

Zoo psychologist

The profession of a zoo psychologist finally appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. Thanks to it, we managed to learn a lot of new and interesting things about the intelligence of animals, and we started to reveal their new abilities.

For example, Stanley Coren, professor of zoo psychologist, found out that dogs have good knowledge of arithmetic. They can memorise up to 150 human words.


Charles Darwin believed that every true gentleman should be engaged in ornithology.

Observation of birds allows you to make interesting discoveries that play a huge role in the development of world science.

So far we learned that a raven by the intellect is no worse than a chimp. And croaking, tweeting and other bird sounds are the real communication between the birds.

Ornithologists not only do researches but also draw up maps of the residence and immigration of birds, fix and protect species, confirm the impact of warming and globalisation on extinction, etc.


A groomer is a stylist, hairdresser and pedicure master in one person who works with animals, mainly cats and dogs.

The tasks of this specialist include polishing wool, tidying up claws, haircuts and hairstyles, preparing the animals for exhibitions.

The complexity of the profession is that pets do not show as much joy in SPA procedures as people do. Therefore, the task of the groomer is to do everything quickly, efficiently and without injuring the animal or himself. But, all the groomers should be ready for “difficult” customers. They always have special devices and techniques which reduce the risk of aggression and can calm the animal.

The advantage of the profession is that it is not necessary to open an expensive salon for work. You can work at home or visit your clients.

Dog handler

People started using dogs for professional purposes more than 300 years ago when they realised that this type of animal is ideal for search operations.

The first to notice this was the monks from the monasteries in the Swiss Alps, where people used to disappear regularly. Nowadays, dogs of different breeds are used in the service of the Ministry of Emergencies, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and at customs.

Dog handlers or cynologists are needed to raise a dog and teach it a new speciality. They monitor animals, select the best representatives of the breed and educate them by studying, practising and instilling new skills.

Cynologists have a very interesting profession because they must establish close psycho-emotional contact with the animal in order to teach them something important.

Dog Trainer

At first, glance it seems that being a trainer is very easy. But, it can be very hard to teach your pet elementary commands yourself, or at least make your four-legged friend obey you. True professionals manage not only to teach various animal tricks but also put on amazing shows with them, for example, in a circus. They are even listened to by snakes that are very hard to make contact with, not to mention to teach them to perform tricks. But if you don’t support the circus, and you are more of a dog person, you should consider becoming a dog trainer. It is also a very useful and pleasant profession for all animal lovers out there.


The most important thing that characterizes all people working with animals is responsiveness, goodwill, compassion, self-confidence and the ability to react quickly even in the most unusual situations. You need to remember that professions related to nature and animals require great responsibility. Keep that in mind and all you have to do is to choose your dream job.

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