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When you live in a concrete jungle like NYC it can be challenging to get your dog the balanced blend of physical exercise, healthy nutrition and social engagement.  We’ve compiled a list of services that can help you manage your pups’ lifestyle so they can be happier and healthier.

Dog Day Hikes just outside of NYC

There’s nothing like the a romp in the country for some R&R for your pup.  The fresh air, the variety of trees, scrubbery and dirt to sniff and being off leash!  While some dog walking companies offer walks plus services like swimming in your local park not everyone is in a neighborhood where this is easily accessible.  If your dog breed is one that especially requires lots of exercise and/or loves exploring new places and thrives off of new experiences, then consider incorporating this into your pups daily, bi-weekly or monthly routine!  A mentally engaged dog is a happy dog.

Breed Specific Meet-ups

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a your dog meeting one of its own kind- especially when its been a while.  Haven’t seen this yet?  Check out how you’re moved when you know about events like Corgi Con or other videos with the same breed interacting.  Kin seem to immediately recognize kin and nothing can boost self-esteem like seeing some other cool look-a-likes being confident and friendly to build your dogs inner being!

Learn more about the best (and worst) idiosyncacies and traits in your breed first hand when you swap stories and share resources at a breed specific meet-up.  Don’t see your specific breed?  Start your own on

Beyond the Dog Park for Socializing

Dog parks can be great for some dogs, and not the best for others. You never know who is going to be there and what their relationship to that pup is.  A new dog walker, a foster parent getting to know their foster or a first time dog parent with their new family member.  If your dog just likes to sit under your feet, hide under the bench or simply watch and not engage and you were hoping for more, look for a local dog community  , dog cafe or vet bulletin board to connect to that offers alternatives to the dog park for socialization.

A dog that is comfortable across many environments will be able to manage stress and new situations better than one who is only comfortable going on the same dog walk everyday, interacting with the vet, groomer and your immediate social circle.  Remember that keeping stress levels low is clutch to a better immune system and quality of life for your pooch.  Maintaining socialization opportunities is key throughout the dogs lifespan- and not limited to just puppyhood – though the emphasis has been on key socialization periods in most dog resource guides.

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