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Your dog is more than just a pet. Your dog is a member of the family. As such, you want to ensure he gets the best care when you have to leave town. The last thing you want when you travel is to be worried about how your furry friend is doing back at home. If you do not have a close friend or family member to watch your pup, leaving him with someone you do not know very well can create even more anxiety. Follow the below tips to ensure your dog has the best care while you are away, so both of you can have a good time.

Stock Up on Their Essentials

Before you go, make sure all your pup’s necessities and favorite items are stocked and ready to use. This will prevent your sitter from running into a situation where something is missing, which could through a wrench in the day. Have plenty of your dog’s favorite food and treats stored away, such as one of the products from Dr. Marty’s line. Dr Marty’s dog food reviews boast that dogs lick the bowl clean, plus they have a wide variety of treats and supplements.

On a related note, make sure any vitamins or medicine your dog takes are stocked. Note clear instructions on how much your pet receives and when. Additionally, make sure all non-edible essentials are cleaned and ready to use, such as blankets, toys, beds, leashes and disposable bags for walks.

Research Sitters

If you do not know anyone in your area available to watch your precious pooch, you may need to hire a stranger. Thankfully, with today’s technology there are options to ensure your sitter is vetted appropriately. A great big online box service provider is Rover. Rover is a site that connects you with local dog services, including pet-sitting. A convenient feature is that it offers pet-sitting at both your home or a boarding location. Does your dog get nervous when leaving the house? Have someone come stay at your home. Does he love getting out and exploring new places? Pick the boarding option so he can experience a new environment and also work with a professional dog training expert to work on your pets specific issues you’d like to address.

Meet With the Sitter

Before pulling the trigger, schedule a time to meet with the sitter. A casual interaction can help you get a feel for the person and if they would be a good fit. Additionally, try to schedule something where your dog can meet and interact with them. Invite them over to your house, meet at a dog park or a local coffee shop that allows pets on the patio. Including your pet will give you the opportunity to see how well your dog gets along with the sitter.

Make a Schedule

Once you find someone you and your pup are comfortable with, make a schedule for the sitter to follow while you are gone. Take everything into account, including how much and when he eats, any supplements that need to be taken, how often and where he likes to walk or play, how often he needs to go out and any bedtime routines. Have everything clearly documented and make sure the sitter has your phone number should any questions or concerns arise. Note emergency numbers on the schedule. That way the sitter will know who to contact should an accident occur. Include your veterinarian and someone you will be traveling with, so there is an additional number in case they cannot get ahold of you for some reason.

As a valued member of the family, your dog deserves to enjoy your time away as much as you. These proactive steps can make a big difference in how that time goes. Follow the above recommendations to ensure nothing is overlooked while you are away.

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