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Dog’s well-being and care is the top priority of the person who brings him home. People these days are adopting a more holistic approach to treating their dogs in every aspect of life. As the chemical and traditional medications something are reactive to these little creatures, people are becoming more prone to opt for a lifestyle involving natural remedies. Evidence suggests that dogs sometimes suffer from conversion disorder due to a number of lab tests and chemical are used while treating them. They can’t tell what’s happening with them but they are well aware of the fact that they have lost their visions temporarily or have become a victim of nausea.

A lot of pets live freely in their natural nests before anyone adopts them. They are against the notion of treatments which are not understandable to them. So, a lot of people work on to reduce this disparity and mend the rules according to the wishes of their pets. The problem here is that a lot of animal lovers are not even aware of adverse effects of medication and chemical tests on dogs whereas others do not have any idea on what a holistic lifestyle approach is to the dog. Holistic dog care is just like changing the ways of your dogs to more natural remedies than artificial ones.

Read on to explore some of the options available to adopt for holistic healthcare and its benefits on your best friend’s lifestyle.

Use of Holistic Dog Food

Whenever we have a health issue, we adopt a different diet to give us more strength and energy. We add whole grains and salads to our diet. The same principle applies to dogs as well. They might need an alternation in their diet to function properly. Some of the essentials of the dog’s diet and its benefits are:

  • Fish Oil is used in a lot of holistic foods and is naturally required by your dogs to increase their coat health. It enables them to shred less than usual which keeps them warm and cozy. Healthy supplements are the answer to a shiny coat and better health of your pet.
  • The dogs who eat leaner ingredients have a higher tendency to fight the weight-related problems which result in heart issues. Simply put, it is the same as we eat meat to gain proteins instead of fat that is not healthy for us. The identical theory applies to your dog as well.
  • If you eliminate artificial and chemical compounds from the diet of your pet, there is a greater possibility that they will not come across any digestive issues. The organic diet will make all the vomits, diarrhea and vomiting go away.  Always check the contents of the food before buying it. Nowadays, doctors also recommend food which is free from fillers give energy to your dog.
  • A holistic food rich in vitamin E and fish oil is appropriate for dogs who suffer from allergic reactions. Some dogs are allergic to grains and end having complications like hot spots on the body, itchy skin, dryness, and excessive licking. The allergies react first on the skin of the dog leaving scaly skin and hair loss.


Wonders of Massage

Massages have a healing effect on your dogs. They benefit their daily lifestyle by relaxing any sore muscles and calm their behavior. If you take your dog for a body massage even once in a month, it will relieve them from pain and strengthen their immune systems. Not to mention the emotional factors are also a big contributor. Your dog will care for you more as they will feel valued. The massages do wonder like oxygenation and improved blood flow. You can also give him massage by yourself if you can’t afford a trained animal massage therapist which will fortify your bond with you lovable fellow.

Hydrotherapy as Cure for Muscle Pain

Physical therapy in water might be a dreadful experience for your dog as he will not be able to understand what’s happening around him but it is recommended by specialists for dogs recovering from an injury or suffered from arthritis and joint issues. Your dog might be old and you are worried about his health and weight. The answer is a refreshing hydrotherapy session which aids to build muscles, increase the blood circulation, prevents any heart diseases and best for weight loss if your dog is suffering from a degenerative condition.

Calming Music for Dogs

The physiology of dogs works the same as human beings. Recent studies have some evidence of reduced anxiety and stress with an introduction to some form of calming music to dogs. Psychology today suggest that the music is according to the breed of dogs like dogs found in shelters have a taste for classical music. As we all are aware, music has a calming effect on human beings and the positive effects of cardiovascular activities. It is the same case with dogs as well. So, you can switch on the music and enjoy the company of your little companion.

Improved Quality of Life

Holistic dog care approach is becoming famous with every single day as it is used to increase the quality of life in your dog. If you will give them organic food free from chemicals with the addition of therapies and massages, it will have a direct effect on their health and positivity. They will be more energized, happy and healthier than usual. The alteration in the diet will aid them to maximize their immune system, give them energy to play and a healthy glittery coat.


The correct answer to all the problems relating to your dog is adopting a holistic lifestyle for your dog. Your little furry friend will get rid of a lot of diseases in that way. For instance, anxiety, pain, digestive issues, and allergies will not bother them the way they did before. Interview with a couple of veterinarians concluded that they don’t mind mixing the conventional methods of drug and lab tests with the natural routine of herbal remedies and procedures. They believe that the health of this little adorable creature is more important than giving preference to anything else. Using the above mentioned holistic approaches to your dog habits will make them more energized and they will feel close to you as well. We all are aware that dogs cannot speak when they are in pain so it’s essential to take care of them like an infant.

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