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What Type of Bed is Need for a Dachshund?

Dachshunds are complicated dogs. They’re cute but their legs are too small. They also have elongated bodies. This is why you’re discouraged from inviting them into your bed. The strain it puts on their body to jump up and down from your bed isn’t healthy.

If you want the dog to have all the comforts the world has to offer, get it a bed. Dog beds for dachshunds vary in size and shape, and they include:

1). Donut

As the name suggests, these beds are donut-shaped. They have a recess in the middle into which small dogs can snuggle. The dogs are walled off on all sides, so they can shift about as much as they want without sliding out of the bed.

2). Raised

This bed is aptly described. It consists of a rectangular platform sitting on four legs. The objective of such a bed is to keep the dog suspended. This reduces the pressure exerted on its body.

The design also encourages air circulation, keeping your dog cool on warm days. Raised beds are perfect for dachshunds with arthritis. Some of them have frames made from strong materials like PVC and aluminum which makes them indestructible because the dog can chew through them.

3). Orthopedic

These beds have supportive filling and foam padding that will bring relief to the joints in older dachshunds. Orthopedic beds are appealing because their material changes to fit the shape of the dog. So they never lose their shape despite their ability to reduce the stress on the pressure points.

4). Heated

As the name suggests, heated beds are designed to generate warmth for your dog while it sleeps. Some of them use electricity. Like heating pads, you must plug them into power to unleash their capabilities.

Others simply insulate the body, keeping the dachshund warm by trapping its body heat. Heated beds are designed with older dogs in mind because the animals need relief from various aches and pains that are made worse by cold weather.

5). Cot

Cot beds look just like cots. They have raised frames to keep the dog in place, not to mention soft material that will allow the dachshund to sleep comfortably indoors and outdoors.

You also have crate pads, cave beds, and products with unique designs that don’t fit into any category. You are encouraged to match each bed to your dog’s needs.

Choosing a Bed for Your Dachshund

How do you select a dog bed for your dachshund? Dachshunds don’t look like other dogs. They have short, elongated bodies with short legs. You have to find a bed that is as supportive as it is comfortable. Keep the following in mind:

1). Size

This has to be your first consideration. Start by measuring your dog to determine its height and length. You should also identify the sleeping position it uses most frequently.

Look for a bed whose sleeping area is wide enough to accommodate the dog’s measurements when it assumes its sleeping position. Focus on the sleeping area specifically, not the exterior measurements.

2). Weight

Some beds have weight limits. Raised beds, in particular, have a specific weight that they can hold. Weigh your dog beforehand. Get a bed that can hold its weight.

3). Material

Just like a human bed, the material from which a dog bed is made matters. Look for fabric that is soft but tough such as fleece. You should also keep the filling in mind because it determines how comfortable and supportive the bed will be.

Memory foam is popular because it molds to fit the shape of the dog’s body. As such, it can provide customized support and comfort.

4). Maintenance

Dogs are messy creatures. This can’t be helped. For this reason, you have to consider the washing regiment required to keep the dog bed clean. Some dog beds can be cleaned and dried with a machine. Others should be hand-washed.

Believe it or not, there are even dog beds that require dry cleaning. Find a dog bed that is easy to clean.


Dachshunds need their own beds. This will allow them to stay warm and comfortable. A bed also gives your dachshund a sense of security because it now has its own space. A dog bed can provide better comfort for your dog than a human bed, but only if you select the right bed.

While it is quite easy to become distracted with price tags and bargains, the quality of the bed should be your only priority because it will determine the health and comfort of your dachshund.

This blog was contributed by Lucy O. Wells. If you would like to submit a blog please email

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