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Healthy Dog Treats is the best option for the Australian wholesale dog treat market. Our Single Ingredient Treats are made from high quality cuts of meat and fish. This makes them the perfect range for Australian pet businesses who want to source popular wholesale dog treats. Healthy Dog Treats sell like crazy. Once a dog tries these treats there is no going back, they know the difference!

The simple fact is that Australia is a big land with a relatively low population. And many people in other countries have heard the rumour of how great our meat products are. Australian produce is clean, healthy and legendary. It makes sense why Healthy Dog Treats wholesale demand is so popular.

Oven baked or air dried they are full of flavour, strong smells to stimulate their senses and natural textures which dogs love to crunch on.

Single Ingredient treats have no additives, no preservatives just the real deal to keep dogs happy and satisfied. Most dogs don’t get their full supplement of protein through commercially produced dog food so Healthy Dogs Single Ingredient Treats can make up for the lost protein in their diet.

The added benefits of Healthy Dogs Single Ingredient treats range from dental care, joint support, low fat, treats to eliminate allergies and support pancreatitis. Our wholesale dog treats will support all your customer’s needs.
Our wholesale Grain Free Nibbles range is available for all dogs. Especially good to be used as training treats but also for dogs that have formed sensitives to wheat. Many dogs are now on exclusion diets from grains and wheats. Our NIBBLE dog treats are made from Australian meat and ingredients and do not contain any wheat or gluten so they are Gluten Free and Grain Free. These oven dried Nibbles are not only chewy and tasty but one of the best value dogs treats around. Available in Chicken, Beef and Roo!

Our diverse variety is suitable for all ages and breeds offering wholesome nutrition. Our all-natural range of dog treats make a great option and you can buy bulk dog treats at a reasonable wholesale price to keep competitive in the market.
Just as much as we like to supply supermarkets, local stores and any small business our commitment is to ensure you get the best service, quickest delivery and best price possible. All dogs should be eating these excellent treats.

Dog Clubs, Breeders, Groomers and Vets are constantly resupplying their stocks with our treats so we are always on top of quality control and make sure our treats can last a long time with a long use by date. This gives you the assurance that our wholesale treats are dried to Australian standards or better and do not have the chance of spoilage such as other copycat companies releasing inferior dried single ingredient treats that have been exposed to bacteria or creepy crawlies.

Our wholesale treats have gone through stringent processes to ensure they are packed to perfection once released on the market.
Our wholesale fish is sourced from Australian waters such as our wholesale shark cartilage, fresh flake fillets or chewy ling skins. Our high cut meats are sourced from Australian grown livestock. Fresh beef cuts for medium chewing beef jerky or beef liver the perfect training treat. Spring lamb for our crunchy puffy Lamb Cubes and Low Fat Kangaroo meat to combat allergies or dog weight issues.

Our novel protein range includes wholesale crocodile jerky which is highly sought after and hard to get. Crocodile meat is known for its hypo-allergenic properties, usually recommended by Vets when a dog cannot digest any other meat. It is light and low fat and yet full of protein. Our wholesale crocodile meats are supplied by Authorised crocodile farms with rigorous government approvals including CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) approvals.
Healthy Dog Treats is an all Australian business using the freshest produce and sold in small batch loads to contain freshness and as a wholesale customer you will have access to a range of freight options. We always source the cheapest rates available as we know freight can be costly. Our large accounts with various freight companies help us get discounted rates which will benefit your profit margins and get your order to you via speedy delivery channels.

You will also have access to all our blog material full of health and product advice to pass onto your customers as a value added extra to your business.
We welcome you to try our range. Whether your business is in wholesale pet treats, retailing via bricks and mortar stores or online we guarantee you and your customers will be impressed.
We look forward to hearing from you! copyright 04/02/2024

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