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If you are thinking about getting a pet, keep in mind that you’ll have to make some adjustments to your home. Contrary to popular belief, having a pet is a much bigger responsibility. It’s important to pet-proof your home as much as possible, so you and your fur friend can live comfortably. One of the ways to make your place more convenient for your pet is to get dog-friendly houseplants. This is especially important if your dog tends to nibble on things out of curiosity. That is why we at New York Dog Nanny came up with this article that includes some of the most popular dog-friendly plants and additional tips.

Why should you get dog-friendly plants?

You won’t be able to monitor your dog 24/7, so you have to ensure they don’t ingest anything that would risk their lives. Plants like aloes, lilies, succulents, and other typical houseplants are considered toxic, to the point they can’t be in the same room with your dog. For example, aloe leaves can cause poisoning for your dog. This is more than enough of a reason to swap regular houseplants with dog-friendly ones. And rest assured you’ll benefit from it as:

● You won’t have to worry whether the plant will disrupt your dog’s health.

● Dog-friendly plants are also aesthetically pleasing.

● They’re pretty affordable.

● They’re are easy to take care of.

Dog-friendly plants come in many shapes and sizes

Plant lovers who live with pets sometimes have difficulty deciding what plants to get for their homes. They often opt for a minimalistic approach to plants or don’t keep them inside at all. However, there’s a middle ground. There are so many beautiful pet-friendly, non-toxic plants that it is almost impossible to choose! All of them are unique and beautiful. From succulents to leafy plants – the choice is up to you!

Dog-friendly houseplants make living with your dog much easier.

Just because they are labeled as “dog-friendly” doesn’t mean they are less beautiful – it’s actually the opposite. Nowadays, there are so many toxic-free plants that make your place homey. Plus, your pets remain safe while you are away.

1 – Spider plant

This lovely tropical, dog-friendly plant will give vibrance to your living room. It’s also one of the most popular plants for hanging baskets. That way, you’re keeping it away from your pet friend. Also, the Spider plant is relatively easy to maintain. All it takes is to water it just enough to keep the soil moist and expose it to the sunlight.

2 – Mini Money Tree

This is one of the most common dog-friendly houseplants, even among those who don’t own a dog. It’s recommended for home offices. However, you can put it whenever you want. It gives a nice touch to minimalistic interiors. Just make sure the plant gets a sufficient amount of sunlight.

3 – Echeveria

Do you want a plant that’s not too bulky yet makes a great decor? Echeveria is a cute, pet-friendly plant that is also easy to maintain. All you have to do is water it every two to three weeks! However, since it’s a small succulent plant, keep it out of your dog’s reach if you don’t want it chewed as soon as you buy it.

4 – African Violet

African Violet is a perfect dog-friendly alternative if you prefer plants with some lovely flowers. Just like other dog-friendly plants, this beauty requires minimal effort. Just water it from the bottom once the soil gets dry, and allow enough sunlight. African Violet is the plant that blooms during the year, so even if your dog picks up a flower (or two), another one will grow soon.

5 – Haworthia

For all of you succulent lovers who own a dog, Haworthia is the plant that belongs to your home. It’s unnecessary to water it now and then, only when the soil is very dry. Plus, it blends in perfectly in any corner of your home. Haworthia is a plant that also likes bright but indirect lights.

6 – Moth Orchid

Just plant the seeds, and you’ll see your Moth Orchid grow fast. This lovely plant looks so luxurious, which is why people love to put it inside the living room or even the bedroom. It also gets along with books and souvenirs on your shelves. However, keep it high enough so your pet friend doesn’t reach it.

Dogs have a tendency to bite and chew everything, including plants.

7 – Rosemary

You probably heard of this famous culinary plant. However, did you know it counts as a pet-friendly plant too? The best thing about Rosemary is that you can grow it, use it for seasoning, or keep it as a decorative plant. 

8 – Calathea

Also known as Peacock Plant, Calathea has big gorgeous, thick leaves that make any room more vibrant. It also doesn’t take much to keep it that way. All you have to do is water it just enough to keep the soil slightly moist.

9 – Hoya

Choose a well-lit room in your home and put Hoya there. This cute plant will add up to the overall appearance of your room. Also, you can help it bloom nicely! Hoya gives nice white or yellow flowers that smell so good. 

10 – Areca Butterfly Palm

Are you looking for a dog-friendly alternative to palm? You might like Areca Butterfly Palm, a lovely elegant plant safe for your dog friend.

Make a plan before you pet-proof and decorate your place 

Dog-friendly houseplants are just one of the pet-proofing solutions. What you must do before you even get the plants is to get an entire living space pet-friendly. The decor comes like a cherry on top. Therefore, sit with a paper and pen, and write down what are the things you ought to do:

      Special flooring for your dog that is easy to keep clean. 

      If possible, get some chew-proof furniture pieces.

      Protective covers for your bed in case your dog likes to take a nap on it.

Rent a safe storage space

You’ll have to do some cleaning and probably refurbishing before you bring a pet dog to your home. In this case, it’s best to place your belongings somewhere safe. While spare rooms come in handy, renting a self-storage unit in NYC and loading it with items is far better. Fortunately, NYC has great options to choose from. Once you rent it, the staff comes to pick up the goods and stores them for you! It comes as a much more cost-effective option compared to DIY storage improvisations like garages or spare rooms. Items are fully protected and taken care of inside a clean storage unit. 

Do a little research before you opt for renting any storage space:

  • Check reviews about the company that provides storage solutions. 
  • Ask to see the units yourself. Check if they have the right storage size for you. 
  • Pay attention to whether the storage space is clean.
  • Also, ask the company’s personnel about 24/7 access to stored goods.
  • Make sure the units are CCTV monitored all the time. 

What to do if renting an apartment?

First and foremost, look up only those postings that explicitly say the apartment on offer is dog-friendly. Next, make a list of a few apartments and schedule visits. Pay attention if the owners have already pet-proofed their apartment and to what extent. However, keep in mind that the price might go up if the place is entirely pet-friendly, with flooring, playspace, air purifier, etc. Make sure to come up with a budget before you jump into an apartment hunt. For every dog owner, money management is an important aspect. You have to think of living options that are affordable and yet perfect for you and your dog friend.

Find the most convenient living solution for you and your dog friend.

 Take measures of precaution

Even some dog-friendly, toxic-free houseplants can be harmful to your pets if they have an array of health issues. For these reasons, you must keep the plants as far from your animal friend as possible. Get your dog some toys and make a special play space. If your dog has a happy life and stays entertained with props, it won’t bite your plants.

Avoid purchasing too many houseplants

Having a few dog-friendly houseplants here and there is more than enough. That being said, make sure not to end up with an entire botanical garden in your living space. This is often counterproductive for you and for your dog. Dogs run around and often accidentally break the vases with plants and other objects. The last thing you need is to deal with a constant mess. On the other hand, the home will look better with just enough plants that make the space you’re in pleasant. And your pet will enjoy it as well!

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