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Pets can bring countless benefits to your life. When you have one, you can easily relieve yourself from stress and encourage yourself to exercise more often. Pets will also make it very easy for you to make new friends. Although beneficial, there will be moments when you’ll have your hands full as a pet owner – and moving with your furry friends are one of those times. 


Even after hiring movers and packers, moving with pets can also get very challenging. Your pets can’t directly communicate what they want, making it hard for you to determine and address their stress. Your inability to provide their needs will make it hard for your pets to adjust to their new environment and, in worse cases, can become the reason for their aggressiveness.


Make sure that none of these happen by hiring the best cross country movers and following these tips when you’re moving with your pets:



  • Prepare An Overnight Kit



Just like human beings, pets require essential items for them to live comfortably and safely. Depending on the breed and age of your pet, you might need to give them vitamins at certain times of the day or bathe them before they go to sleep.

For your pet to ward off stress and ensure that they get to have the same routine in your new home, prepare an overnight kit for them. This kit should not be packed along with your moving boxes and should contain all of your pet’s essential items such as food, medicines, treats and toys. 


Having an overnight kit will make it easy for you to cater to the needs of your pets the moment you arrive in your new home without the need of opening several moving boxes. An overnight kit will also help your pet stay comfortable even if you’re busy unpacking in your new home. 


  1. Contact Your Vet

    Being a pet owner is a long-term responsibility because you have to make regular trips to the vet to ensure that your pets are healthy. This is especially true for kittens and puppies.

    Before you move, make sure to contact your vet and gather essential records of your pets from them. You should also ask for recommendations on the best vets in your new neighborhood to ensure that you can have access to professionals the moment your pets need medical attention. Make sure to ask supplies for your pets’ medications before moving, too.


2. Keep Your Pets Away From The Action

You’ll have to accomplish several tasks on the day of the move. Even if with a professional moving company like Seka Movers, you’ll still have to supervise the contractors, look after your valuables and move items around your home. Although it can be tempting to have your pet around as you’re accomplishing all of these things, it’s best if you keep them away from the action.

Having new people around your home and seeing you too busy might frighten or stress out your pet. When this happens, they will have a hard time understanding what is happening around them, which can eventually make them prone to countless health conditions such as anxiety.

Ideally, you should keep your pets in an empty room in the house with the right temperature. Make sure to provide them with their food, water and toys, as they are in the room. If your space doesn’t allow this strategy, ask a friend or family member to look after your pet on the day of the move. 


3. Take Your Pet In Your Vehicle


Regardless of how expensive the moving company is, you should never let other people take your pet when moving. Sure, moving companies lmight use spacious vans but being around new people will surely trigger stress from your pet.

When moving with your pets, it’s always best if you take them inside your own vehicle. If you’re driving, invest in a carrier solely for your pet and place them on the backseat. Regularly check your pet’s behavior through your car’s rear view mirror and stop whenever you feel like your pet is about to pee and poop. You can also place some of their favorite things in the backseat with them, so they can stay calm throughout the trip.


4. Knowledge Is Power


Moving with pets can be challenging but it can always be done. Along with your willingness and commitment to do what’s best for your furry friends, the process in this article can make the entire process of moving fun and easy for you and your pets! 

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