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Dogs are wonderful animals and their presence in the home is enjoyed by all the family. Whether you have a small breed or a larger one you will be sure to get many years of enjoyment out of your beloved pet.

Dogs are intelligent animals that have their own will sometimes – although most breeds can be sufficiently trained to do as you say when told – but what about when it comes to eating? Do they just eat what they are given, or might there be some sort of food you could offer your pet that they would prefer?

Think of how we approach food as humans: there are some things we like, some that are just so-so, and some we don’t enjoy. What if your dog was eating so-so food, and there was something better? Dogs don’t change their eating habits unless we – the owners – give them something that they appreciate, and for many owners fresh dog food is the way to go to keep a dog happy. 

The alternative to dried food or those horrible sloppy tinned foods is fresh, and there’s plenty of choice. First, you have to consider the various brands that are available, and as this is a fast-growing market there is a lot of choice.

Why Farmer’s Dog?

One of the brands you will find talked about a lot is Farmers Dog food as it is proving to be a favourite with owners who wish to give their dogs fresh, quality and organic food. 

The reason fresh food is popular is because dogs need plenty of nutrient, just as we do, in order to live a healthy life. Fresh foods are carefully considered when it comes to ingredients, and Farmer’s Dog is one of the better brands around. 

Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service – you can’t buy it in a shop, but order online and they deliver to you regularly – that offers you a wide range of carefully created meals for your dog or dogs. You can also have input into what goes into the meals, and an acting board of experienced veterinary nutritionists add their advice and help to ensure that your dog gets a perfect and tasty meal.

What’s the difference between buying, for example, Farmer’s Dog and simply giving your dog the same food you eat? The simple fact is that some human food is not safe for dogs and the experts will know this, so all food from this brand – and from others in the same market – comes guaranteed as safe for dogs, and provides the nourishment required. A dog’s digestion system is not the same as ours, hence the veterinary experts are the key to the quality in Farmer’s Dog food.

Is It Worth It? 

You should be aware that fresh dog foods such as this will be more costly than the dried version or the tinned foods you may be used to buying. However, the benefits to your dog’s health will be noticeable, as he or she will be fed properly and gain the energy needed to live a full life. 

A good diet will also have a positive effect on your dog’s coat, and you’ll find over time that the extra cost is worthwhile.

The home delivery service – of which Farmer’s Dog is one – may work out more affordable than buying fresh food from a store, and many owners prefer this method as they say the quality is better. Your dog may find things strange to start with, so why not try it for a few days and see how it goes? We believe that most dogs will appreciate a fresh, tasty meal.

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