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For Mindy, being a pet photographer was a new and exciting innovative career option when she was looking to reinvent herself four years ago.  It also seemed like the perfect career choice as it combined her love of photography, dogs and storytelling.  We know that each pet has a story- and there are plenty of pet photographers out there (called petrographers to some), many of whom have huge followings on social media.   Yet for Mindy, she found an equally compelling audience, capturing engaging photos for the businesses and professionals that care for the animals we love- veterinarians, vet hospitals, and other pet services companies.

Why telling interactions with pets matters?

Most pets are not happy to go to the vet.  Pet parents rely on veterinarians, vet techs and other pet professionals to provide loving care to their furbabies. Mindy’s photography allows pet businesses to showcase their staff’s loving personalities and the gentle care and manner in which they conduct their visits to tell a more comprehensive story.  Capturing the essence of this unique bond that these service providers have with pets helps pet parents connect in a more soulful way to the reason these professionals got into the career path of working with animals.

Because every dog has a tale

Is the tagline for Mindy’s business, Dogs I Meet.   Animal rescue organizations know that a good picture that captures the heart and spirit of an animal in need can literally be a life or death call for some pets.  When a pet is looking for a home, a pet whose personality can shine through will help it find its forever home quicker which will not only allow for a pet to start its new life faster, but also open up another slot for another eager pet to find theirs. People make decisions based on emotion. Photos can capture emotion and move people to action, whether it be adopting a pet, donating money or creating awareness by sharing photos on social media.

Mindy creates opportunities for businesses, rescue organizations, and families to use photographs to tell stories that inspire, fundraise, and give back to these beloved animals that don’t have a voice of their own. Mindy believes that every dog has a tale, and these tales should be shared and heard. She feels sincere joy and gratefulness that her work is her passion. To learn more about Dogs I Meet check out their website.

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