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The best way to enjoy your vacation in the sin city is to create a checklist for your first time in Vegas. This city is unique and has nuances like heat and “adult” activities. Hence, you need to conduct thorough research and plan your trip carefully. If you are taking your dog with you, you might wonder if they can be accommodated in Las Vegas hotels. You might also want to know if certain establishments, especially those on the Las Vegas strip allow you to take them inside. 

This post will answer if dogs can walk on the Las Vegas Strip and where to find the city’s most dog-friendly hotels and businesses. 

Is the Las Vegas Strip Dog-Friendly?

The best way to enjoy your first Las Vegas trip is to have everyone in the family, including the most loyal member– your dog. Since the Las Vegas strip is the preferred accommodation and entertainment venue in the city, you might be wondering if your dog is welcome in this place. Fortunately, dogs are allowed to stroll on the Las Vegas strip between 5 AM and 12 PM. These are the best hours to take your dog on its morning walk. However, they must be on a leash or a restraint of three feet or less. 

The city placed this rule to ensure the safety of everyone on the Vegas Strip, including pedestrians. Furthermore, the Vegas Strip is one of the busiest pedestrian walkways in the U.S. during the afternoon, and your dog might find it challenging to navigate around a sea of people. While this window might be pretty short, you can still take your dog to other places where your furry friend can relax. Las Vegas has over 20 off-leash dog parks, with the Western Trails Park being the nearest to the Last Vegas Strip. 

Best Dog-Friendly Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip has several dog-friendly hotels that will take care of your canine companion. Some even offer various treats and amenities specifically for your dog. Below are some of the most dog-friendly hotels in the city:

1. MGM Resorts

MGM Resorts will treat you and your dog like VIPs. You may even choose to have your dog its own Doggie Butler and let them eat a particular dish from its dog-exclusive menu. You can also upgrade to dog-friendly rooms and suites for $50 to $175 per day and per dog. 

2. Four Seasons Hotel 

This luxurious, gaming–free oasis accommodates animals up to 25 pounds. They usually charge $75 per pet per day. This fee includes beds and bowls for your pets and a separate room-service menu for your dogs or cats. You can even get pet-sitting services if you don’t want someone to care for them while you are gone. 

3. The Mirage 

Known for its white tigers and dolphins, the Mirage is also welcoming to dogs and other pets. However, they only have limited dog-friendly rooms that must be reserved before arrival. You can take in two dogs per room or suite as long as they have a combined weight of up to 40 pounds. The Mirage charges $125 per dog per night.

4. Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace and its other entertainment resorts offer pet owners what they call PetStay rooms. These rooms have dog dishes, pee pads, and in-room food mats for your pets. You can also find outdoor pet relief areas where your dogs can walk and play. PetStay rooms usually cost $25 to $100 more than regular rooms, plus an additional $100 damage deposit. 

Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Las Vegas

Aside from taking walks on the Las Vegas Strip, your dog can do plenty of other activities with the rest of your family. Below are some of our recommendations:

Seven Magic Mountains

Hike around these mountains with your dog and view fun art exhibits while taking pictures of magnificent rock sculptures. 

Town Square Mall

This upscale outdoor mall has plenty of walking areas and is also dog friendly. It also has various stores and is the perfect place for shopping with the whole family. 

Lake Las Vegas

This lake in Henderson is the perfect place to take your dog for a swim, as they are allowed to dip in its waters. It also has Instagram-worthy views and sceneries. 

Doggie Day Care

If you want to board your dog during your stay in Las Vegas but missed the opportunity to include them in your hotel arrangement, you can try to put them in doggie daycare. Many of these establishments have spacious play areas and allow you to monitor your pups through their live webcams. 

Dogs, Las Vegas and the HEAT

Las Vegas is in the desert, and its temperature can drastically change from morning to night. From June to August, its average temperature can reach 105 °F. It is not advisable to take your dogs outside when the temperature reaches above 85 °F. 

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