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Your dog is a huge part of your life, so it is only natural to want to include him in your planning. As far as plans go, a New Year’s resolution is a pretty big one. It can set you up for a year of success and positivity. However, a resolution can lead to months of frustration if you lose focus and give up. Luckily, with your favorite canine companion along on the journey, you’ll have the motivation and support to keep going.

If that sounds like a great way to get next year off to a positive start, keep reading to see some tips for creating New Year’s resolutions for you and your pet.

Be Realistic About Your Abilities

You’ll have much better luck with resolutions if you are realistic about what you and your dog are capable of. If you’ve spent the better part of this year relaxing on the couch with your pup, there’s a pretty good chance that neither of you is up for running a marathon come February. In this case, there should be no guilt; instead, embrace acceptance and planning. Find ways to showcase and build on your strengths for the new year.

Use Natural Methods To Boost Your Energy

No matter your goal, you’ll need stamina and energy to make it a reality. Avoid downing massive amounts of energy drinks or coffee since that can make you jittery. Instead, if you find it tough to get moving, consider adding supplements to your diet. Many people find Thrive side effects are minimal, while the program can help you feel more energized.

Find Things You Both Enjoy

There will be things that you like doing that your pet would rather pass on. You are responsible for being aware of these things and steering clear of them when planning a team resolution. A good way to do that is to learn how dogs communicate.

Sure, you’ve probably heard about Bunny, the dog who can “talk” using a button pad, but you don’t have to go that far to know what your pet wants. It turns out that dogs already have a well-established communication system, and you can learn it. So if your dog shows signs of stress, anxiety, or boredom, it’s probably time to rethink your plans for a New Year’s resolution.

Take Small Steps Toward Your Goal

When you find something to pursue, resist the urge to jump in all at once. This goes for you and your pup. Overdoing it is an almost guaranteed path to burnout. Plus, if your goal requires physical activity, one or both of you could end up injured.

Instead of going all out, all at once, to reach your big goal, try setting mini milestones along the way. This will help show progress and give you something to celebrate as you move along. If you are unfamiliar with them, do a little research into setting SMART goals. It tends to be one of the most successful methods for realizing what you want to achieve.

Choose Rewards That Move You Forward

Celebrating your progress is an excellent way to keep motivation levels up when striving toward an objective. However, you don’t want to choose things that set you back. When choosing rewards, look for ones that complement what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you and your pup are trying to be more active, you might invest in a piece to grow your backyard agility set.

Taking on a New Year’s resolution with your pet can be fun and rewarding. When handled correctly, it allows you to spend quality time together. For the best results, learn to communicate with your pet, boost energy levels naturally, set realistic mini-goals to stay on track, and choose rewards that help keep you focused.

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