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5 Best Dog Housetraining Tips

By March 9, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Housetraining is usually a huge hassle, but any healthy puppy, or even an adult dog, can be fully trained to eliminate outside in a reasonable amount of time, using the following dog training tips. Some important things to remember before you start, however … young dogs, and small dogs need to go more often, so be sure to take them for potty breaks often throughout the day until you get used to their internal schedules. Also, keep your dog on a regular feeding schedule, instead of free-feeding throughout the day, and he’ll be much easier to train.

1. Cratetraining:
Why it’s best: Proven to reduce household accidents for dogs of any age, proper crate training is the number one way to housetrain your new (or old) dog. A crate is the safest place to keep your dog when you can not be aware of what he is getting up to.

2. Timing:
Why it’s a best pick: Watch your dog’s intake throughout the day. Feeding him at the same time every day, and timing his potty breaks will help you establish a routine, and your dog will become used to eliminating at regular times throughout the day. It will take a few days of observation to get a schedule established.

3. Vigilance:
Why it’s a best pick: Every dog will exhibit certain behaviors when he needs to urinate or defecate. Constant sniffing around the floor in a circle, whining, and trying to get away to find a quiet spot to go, are some of the first signs that your dog has to go outside.

4. Tethering:
Why it’s a best pick: A form of bonding, tethering is also a great way to keep your dog up close and personal, where you can observe him for different behaviors, as well as remove him easily from unwanted distractions. Tethering consists of keeping your dog or puppy on a fairly long lead.

Praise and Reward:
Why it’s a best pick: Yes, this is last on the list, although it is, in fact, the most important part of encouraging your dog to eliminate in the correct spot, as opposed to preventing him from going in the wrong places. Use any of the first five methods, or even all five, to prevent accidents in the home.

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This article was originally written by Krista Mifflin and modified by New York Dog Nanny.


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