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Top 3 Dog Leashes

By March 9, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

Walks are vital for the health and well-being of dogs, and most areas require you to have a leash to walk your dog. There are almost as many types of leashes out there as there are types of dog. Many people feel overwhelmed when they try to weigh all the options, but there are some leashes which stand out among the rest. The best leash for you and your dog will be comfortable for both of you, and able to stay untangled even if your dog is active. You must be comfortable with the length of the leash as well as the style and material. One new style is the convertible leash – a leash with extra clasps that can be made into different lengths and styles.

Numero Uno: Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer Instinctual Red Large Leash

Why it’s best: Cesar Millan has become a household name for pet owners, and for good reason. Someone who has studied and understands the behavior and motivation of dogs, Millan has designed a leash that resists tangling, knotting, or getting wrapped awkwardly around a moving dog.

Dos: Circle T Euro Lead

Why it’s a best pick: Many dog owners find that leather leashes are easier on their hands than nylon. Others consider them more attractive or stylish. Whatever your reason, this leash is likely to make you want to take your dog out for more walks.
Tres: Kurgo Quantum Dog Leash

Why it’s a best pick: Another convertible leash, this one is made of nylon and comes in a variety of attractive color combinations. The leash converts to five different configurations, all with a comfortable padded handle for the person on the other end of the leash.

This article was written by Bronwyn Harris and modified by NYDN.


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