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We’ve been sharing our living spaces with dogs for thousands of years. According to stats, US dog owners spend approximately $50 billion on their pets each year‌. We all agree there’s nothing better than seeing that ball of fur running toward you after a long day, but what happens when you see your couch destroyed?

Even though they are indeed a man’s best friend, dogs can sometimes be a handful. Chewed shoes and cables and ripped pillows point out to one thing only—lack of training. With proper dog training, you will get to spend more time with your dog, your dog will have more fun, and both of you will learn to trust each other. 

The Importance of Dog Training

There are many reasons to consider embarking on a dog training journey. If your dog continuously shows disobedience, it can be stressful for the whole family. While you may find it funny that your dog tears things up, your guests certainly won’t appreciate their new shoes getting destroyed. 

Dog disobedience may also cause severe problems. If your dog is not adequately trained, you can never be entirely sure it won’t attack someone out of the blue, especially if it’s adopted. Training is also beneficial for both of you. Your dog will get the right amount of physical and mental exercise, and you’ll enjoy the feeling of being a better owner. 

By training your furry friend, you’re also keeping them protected. Your puppy won’t get wild once off the leash and run in front of a moving vehicle. It will also learn to socialize with other dogs and humans and not cause any problems. 

If you’re wondering if any dog out there can be trained, the answer is yes. However, with some breeds, training goes smoother, and they can learn faster. Others, on the other hand, require more patience and time. 

The Best Dog Breeds to Train

These god breeds are outstanding in training. They can learn to be obedient faster and pick up wild tricks. If you have any of these breeds but still haven’t considered training your dog, check to see what they can do. 

Border Collies

This dog breed was primarily created for herding sheep in Scotland and England. They have high energy levels, stamina, and learning capacity. They’re highly trainable, intelligent, and above all, adorable. Border Collies are a great addition to any family as long as they get enough mental and physical exercise. They’re also affectionate toward all family members and friendly with strangers. 

Border Collies can start their training at three to four months. Start them young if you want to teach them basic cues. However, if you’re hoping to teach some more advanced tricks, you should wait until your puppy is about eight months old. 

Enrolling them in obedience school can happen at around 12 months of age. Make sure your Border Collie knows you’re the leader of the pack. Collies also love sticking to a routine, and they look forward to their tasks each day, even if the tasks are different. 


These fluffy dogs are elegant, smart, and proud. Poodle can be an affectionate family dog that you can pamper and have fun with. They’re also highly trainable and can learn any trick you can think of. If you leave them untrainable, they can become quite destructive

Poodles adapt incredibly to an apartment setting. They show affection toward family members, are suitable for novice owners and kids, and love meeting other dogs and strangers. Your poodle will have a relatively high energy level as well, so expect to be an active owner who will often take it for walks. 

Poodles can understand and learn new commands in less than five attempts. Start by teaching it their name and other commands like sit, stay, and lie down. When it comes to house training, it’s best to start early and use positive reinforcement. 

Labrador Retrievers 

The good, old Labs are super friendly with the whole family and socialize well with other dogs and humans. However, they do need a lot of exercises to remain physically and mentally fit. If they don’t get enough physical exercise, they’re likely to become destructive. 

This dog breed is most likely seen working as search and rescue dogs. They are also used in drug and bomb detection and as service dogs. They have a steady temperament and an outstanding ability to learn new things. Labs are also among the most intelligent dog breeds

Labradors need at least an hour of activity each day. You can start their training as soon as you welcome them to your home. They tend to pull on a leash, so learning to walk on a loose leash should be prioritized. They respond well to positive reinforcement as well. 

German Shepherds 

America’s most loved dogs, German Shepherds, are smart, devoted, and brave. They are wonderful as service dogs, assistance for handicapped, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, and more. 

German Shepherds are kids-friendly and great family companions. When it comes to physical needs, they have high energy levels, the potential for playfulness, and the need to exercise. This is why you should be ready to provide this dog with plenty of physical activity

These dogs excel at obedience training. They thrive on praise and want to please their owners. German Shepherds are highly intelligent, and if you work with them during the first year of their life, you’ll be a proud owner of a well-behaved dog. 

Doberman Pinschers

Dobermans come from Germany, where they were used as guard dogs. They’re energetic and intelligent dog breeds with outstanding performance in military work, canine sports, but they are also great family dogs. 

When properly trained and socialized, they are excellent with kids, which can be seen in their protective behavior. That’s especially true if they become a family member at a young age when the kids are small. Dobermans have a medium energy level and exercise needs, while their potential for playfulness is high

They can easily connect with you and aim to please. They’re inclined to learn from people, and the more motivated you are, the better. These dogs thrive on praise, rewards, and excitement. Forget about physical punishment because it won’t get you anywhere. 


This is another dog breed with high energy levels that can become a great family member. They love their family and need a fair amount of exercise. They aren’t considered fully mature until they’re three, meaning your Boxer will give off a puppy vibe for a while

Even though they can be unfriendly to strangers, they will not be aggressive unless they think others are a threat. They often work as military or police dogs and in search and rescue. They are excellent watchdogs and will confront an intruder. 

The training routine for your Boxer should include socialization, regular exercise, and rewards. They need to see you as the alpha male. Also, make sure you spend as much time as possible with your Boxer outside of training sessions. That’s how they’ll know you love them. 

Cani Corsi

Finally, there’s Cane Corso. This dog breed loves having a job. They’re great as working dogs, even though they were originally bred for guarding property and hunting. Cani Corsi are powerful and athletic, and experienced dog parents will enjoy having them. If they’re not trained, they will turn to destructive behaviors. 

Corso is a serious dog breed for serious owners. It needs loving but firm guidance to become the best dog it can be. However, don’t expect your Corso to be friendly with everyone that comes to visit. He’ll only love you and your family circle. 

Since they’re intelligent, it’s easy to train them. They can learn various tricks quickly. Start by teaching them they must submit to all family members and keep going with obedience training. Start early, include enough exercise, and make sure to provide them with enough space, preferably in a fenced yard. 

The Most Challenging Dog Breeds to Train

Some dogs just won’t listen. If you’re looking for a stubborn breed with character, chances are you’ll enjoy the company of:

  • Huskies
  • Basenjis
  • Bloodhounds 
  • Chihuahuas 

These dog breeds are often loud and self-sufficient. Huskies are usually loud and stubborn, while Basenjis are high-maintenance. Bloodhounds demand an extra level of activity, and Chihuahuas are reported to be among the most aggressive dogs out there. 

Still, if you’re in love with some of these dog breeds, don’t hesitate to get them. If you learn how to be a good owner to a specific dog, they will return the love and attention. 

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right dog breed for yourself and your family is crucial. Owning a dog can sometimes be tiresome, but if you dedicate your time to training the new family member, you’ll have a loyal friend. These dog breeds are the easiest to train. Remember, they need plenty of exercise, so be prepared for an active lifestyle. With proper dog training, you’ll keep your couch, shoes, and friends. Just make sure to start as soon as your furry friend becomes a part of your family. 

What are some other factors that can help you make a the right choice of dog breed for you at this stage of your life? Check out: Best Breeds for Empty Nesters.

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