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The first trips with a dog in a car are usually quite challenging because of their unpredictability. The first time your pet gets in the car, it may be frightened by unfamiliar sounds and smells thereby causing a dangerous situation. This can all be avoided if you take some time to prepare both your pet and a car for a trip. Cynologists advise that dogs should get used to the car from a young age when they’re just puppies, as they’re much easier to be trained. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t train an adult dog to go for a ride in a car. We’ve prepared a detailed guide on how to get your puppy used to traveling by car and how to make this experience pleasant.

A Five-Step Plan for Your Pet to Enjoy Traveling By car

The first thing to do is get your dog acquainted with the car. Allow your pet to freely sniff all around and explore the car. Never push your dog inside since it can get terrified and become scared to travel the next time. 

Step 1: Equip Your Car with Pet Amenities

When it comes to holiday travel with a pet, more often owners prefer cars to other modes of transport, as they are convenient, reliable and, on top of that, already familiar for most pets. Thus, for example going on holiday in the UAE, you can use the car rental service for a comfortable trip with your pet. Emirates are particularly famous for the best car hire services with the largest selection of vehicles for all tastes and budgets. So you can even rent a Lamborghini Dubai or choose a roomy SUV for the family and your pet to enjoy the ride.

In order to encourage your pet’s interest, you should equip the vehicle with pet-friendly items. Put his favorite toys, small treats and a familiar blanket on the back seat. Don’t forget to give him praise for every step towards the goal, and be there for your pet at all times to provide support.

Step 2: Get ‘Em Warmed up to [Loud] Engines

When the dog enters the vehicle, try to start the engine while remaining still and ensuring that the dog is sitting in the back seat. Let your dog out of the car once you’ve shut off the engine. However, if your pet attempts to get out of the car as soon as possible, do not allow it out right away because this will simply encourage its fear and unruly behavior. Wait until the dog has calmed down before letting it outdoors.

Step 3: Make Staying in the Car “The Place to Be”

Once you have already made the dog aware of the sound of the car’s engine, give him some food in the cabin with the doors closed. This can be a little reward, but the main goal is to create some favorable connections within the car and not want to run out as soon as the car stops at the dog run, the dog sees a squirrel outside or someone he recognizes as you pull up at home. Bonus points if the treat is not crumbly (who needs the extra crumbs on the seat?)

Step 4: Ease them Into it with Mini-Rides

Try taking your dog for a short trip near your house the next day or a few days later. The first ride shouldn’t last more than five minutes. Your dog has to realize that there is nothing to be terrified of. Additionally, it’s best to avoid feeding the dog shortly before the test drive because he can become seasick and throw everything up.

What Else You Need to Know When Training your Dog for a Car Ride

Be consistent. Any training program takes time, therefore it should be consistent. Avoid rushing or attempting to immediately take your dog on a long journey. The first trips that a pet takes should be associated with positive experiences, such as going out of time in order to walk in the park. You better not take your dog to the vet right away.

Step 5: Safety First (Keep Your Dog in the Backseat)

Back seat of a car is the right place for your dog, so make sure he gets used to it. Train your pet to sit quietly as well. It shouldn’t climb on the driver’s side while driving as it can distract attention from the road and lead to a car accident.

Don’t be hasty, keep in mind that the most crucial thing is to give your dog time to adjust. By following this simple five-step technique you can accurately prepare your dog for car rides. We wish you luck and pleasant rides!

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