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You’re living a fabulous single life but still feel like something is missing. One thing everyone needs in their life is a pet. Dogs are the most loyal friends you can have. However, with so many different dog breeds, how can we know which dog breed the right one for us is? New York Dog Nanny shares some of the best dog breeds for single people. 

1. Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for single people

You may think Labrador retrievers are better suited for large families, but they can be just as happy living with just one owner. This lovely breed of dog is incredibly friendly, so it will help you meet new people. As a dog owner, making new friends and finding a date will be much easier because you will look more approachable. 

This breed can easily help you fit in if you need to move to a new place. However, you will also need to help them adjust to the new environment. Experts from Best Movers NYC recommend working with professionals to help you and your new friend handle moving stress-free. 

Another advantage of this breed is that they are brilliant and can be trained easily. The best part is that at the end of a long day at work, your labrador retriever will greet you at the front door with a waggling tail, ready to be cuddled. 

According to experts from LabraJoy, Labradors adapt well to their owner’s lifestyle. They suit both active people and those who prefer relaxing at home.These dogs are loyal and understand their owner’s feelings. They offer comfort without being asked. This breed enjoys activities but also loves to chill. Labs make life better, bringing joy and support.

2. Border Collie 

Are you looking to spend more time outside? This dog breed is the right one for you. Border Collies are one of the most energetic breeds. They require a lot of physical activity every day, so they are a good choice for anyone that loves exercising outdoors. You can take them outside for a jog or toss a frisbee around in the park. It will be easy to meet other people and dog owners, as border collies love having other dogs join them during playtime. You can work with a professional dog trainer to help them learn simple or more advanced commands. If you choose to adopt this breed, be prepared to brush their fur a couple of times a week. 

3. Poodle or poodle mix

One of the most popular dog breed choices for apartment owners is the Poodle – a wonderful and loving dog. You can find poodles to adopt in three different sizes. They are a bit high-maintenance, requiring daily brushing to keep their coat from getting matted. You can take them every couple of weeks to a dog grooming salon so they can get washed, have their nails clipped, and get brushed well. This breed should also get frequent fur trimmings to maintain that beautiful coat. The advantage of a poodle’s fur is that it doesn’t shed and is a good choice for people with mild allergies to dogs. They can be easily trained with positive reinforcement. And if you live going to the beach, you will be happy to learn that most Poodles love being in the water. 

Poodles are one of the best dog breeds for single people

You can find Poodles in different colors and three different sizes

4. Akita

This loyal dog breed that comes from Japan has won the hearts of people all over the globe. Their fur doesn’t need to be brushed daily, but once a week to keep it looking good. However, you will have to frequently trim their nails and brush their teeth to keep them healthy. This is an independent breed but can also be stubborn. This breed isn’t as active as a Border Collie, for example, but like any other dog, they require a walk at least once a day to stay fit and healthy. Akita is a large dog breed and is okay with being in a household with just one owner and without other dogs. With a friend like an Akita in your life, you’ll never feel lonely again. 

5. Chihuahuas can go anywhere with you

Don’t let the size of this breed fool you – Chihuahuas are dogs with big personalities and huge hearts. This adorable breed is one of the most miniature dog breeds in the world. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for anyone living in an apartment. Chihuahuas are an energetic breed, and they are famous for being loud. They are intelligent and can follow commands easily. Because of their size, they require a bit less exercise than larger dogs. The advantage to having a dog as small as this one is that you will be able to take them anywhere. Shopping, lunch, restaurants, you name it! They can be easily carried in case their legs get tired from walking. Another perk to having a small dog is that more accessories are available for them. Winter jackets, collars, boots, and absolutely every type of dog accessory can be found in their size. 

6. Maltese

This small dog breed is famous for its beautiful fur, which can bring home rewards, trophies, and prize money from competitions to their owners. This is a good choice of dog breed for single people who like to stay at home watching TV. You can spend your free time brushing their fur and cuddling on the sofa after work. They don’t require a lot of exercise, and only one walk per day is enough to keep them healthy. The Maltese is a very intelligent breed that can be trained easily and, therefore, can be seen winning agility competitions. They are playful, but don’t let them fool you – they can be just as protective as any other large dog. 

7. Dachshund is one of the best dog breeds for single people

This small, unique-looking breed will be the only companion you need. You can find them in different colors and coats – smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired. Dachshunds can be the perfect choice for first-time dog owners too. Their size makes them one of the best dogs to own in large cities such as New York. Even when you are single, living expenses in NYC can go through the roof. Dachshunds are affordable and the ideal choice for anyone who wants to live a comfortable life with low living costs. They are a stubborn but very protective breed. This is a brave dog you can count on to protect you at all times. Their cute and one-of-a-kind looks come at a price, though. Although they are just as small as Chihuahuas, they need a lot of physical activity. This is mainly because they need to build muscles to protect their backs. It’s also best to organize your house or apartment in a way to minimize the need for jumping off furniture or climbing up and down the stairs. You will also need to pay attention to their diet. Because of their backs, they can’t risk getting overweight. Because of their excellent sense of smell, keep food out of their reach to prevent them from getting snacks behind your back and gaining weight. 


Whichever dog breed you choose, you are gaining a new friend

8. Yorkshire terrier

Commonly known as Yorkie, this small breed can be the right choice for you. They are very affectionate and can easily make friends with other dogs at the dog park, so meeting people with their help will be easy. Their long coats need to be brushed daily, and it’s recommended they take a bath once a week. They are energetic and need regular exercise to keep them happy. Throwing the ball around or going on daily walks is enough to keep them satisfied. Treat them from time to time to enforce good behavior and train them. 

9. Golden retriever

Do you love spending time outdoors? A golden retriever can be the perfect friend to tag along with. One of the most popular dog breeds, a golden retriever is a man’s best friend. They are exceptionally trustworthy and loyal, making them perfect for a single person living alone. They are effortless to train with positive reinforcement and will love being taken outside for a run or a swim. You will notice that they are very good at fetching and retrieving balls and sticks. If you choose to adopt a dog of this breed, you should know that they heavily shed their coat a couple of times a year, with some medium shedding in between. Because they are friendly, you will easily connect with other dog owners and be able to organize playdates for them.

10. Dalmatian 

Dalmatians love having only one owner. Their unique spotted fur pattern differentiates them from other dog breeds. They are perfect watchdogs, therefore a good choice for singles living alone. This very athletic breed is protective and strong and requires a lot of exercise. As for their fur, they don’t need a lot of maintenance, although all that outdoor playtime will surely require frequent baths. You can enrich their lives by training them and teaching them some simple commands. 

Honorable mention: mixed rescue dog

The most unique breed out there is the mixed dog breed. Their personalities are as distinct as their fur and overall appearance. If you have no preference between a playful and a lazy dog, go with adopting a mixed breed. You may not know what kind of personality will come with them, but what’s certain is that they will love you with all their heart and be the only friend you need.

Final thoughts

As we can see, there are many dog breeds for single people. Whatever dog breed you choose, one thing is sure: you will be getting a new best friend. You will feel much safer being home alone with a dog, and you’ll always have someone to spend time with. 

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