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Jump for Joy— or on Command

By July 6, 2013March 26th, 2015No Comments

Does your dog jump for joy when they meet you? Have you ever met a dog so excited about seeing you or meeting a new person that they just could not hide it? Here are some of our NYC dog recommendations for jumping dogs.  First, jumping can be a result of pent up energy or excitment—and we at New York Dog Nanny believe that dogs that are calm, well-exercized and properly trained only jump on command.  It is also a behavior that dogs can exhibit to try to gain a dominant position with a person establishing who holds more power.  It also goes without saying that many people do not enjoy a dog jumping up on them–especially if the dog is larger. Says Ryan our NYC doggie trainer, “smaller dogs are able to get away with more especialy behaviors like jumping” because it’s seen as cute and/or not scary.  Needless to say it is a double edge sword in the sense that jumping whether a dog is smaller, medium or large can still mean the same things in terms of leadership and followership between humans and trainer nyc

We do not reward jumping but rather a calm state of mind.  Watch this video featuring jumping by our Manhattan dog trainer Ryan Bondoc.


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