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Puppy ABCs Foundation Course: Monday, June 2nd 7pm BEGINS

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Are you a busy New Yorker who is juggling a full time job AND a new family member with four legs? Training can be made easy AND time saving with our Puppy ABC’s class specifically designed to MASTER puppy basic obediance and SET YOUR DOG UP for a strong bond between you and your pup.

Puppy ABC’s Foundationals Course:

Class 1: Overview of setting up an environment where your puppy is rewarded for being in a calm state of mind, eager to learn and naturally looks to you for direction and guidance. Learn and practice puppy socialization and polite manners with new friends (dog and human). Introduction to basic commands begins: Sit, Stay, Place, Down, Come.

Class 2: Practicing basic commands and name recognition/recall. Setting up your pup to respond positively to their name is KEY in obediance & manners training. If you would like your pup to listen and come when you call them and be by your side at a moments notice, this class helps set up that foundation.

Class 3: Master the basic commands Introduction the leash and the walk. Movement is key with any balanced puppy and that begins with the walk outdoors. Before the walk begins though, there are several CLUTCH fundamental “Do”s and a few MAJOR “don’ts” we will review so that your dog is clear on who is the “pack leader” inside and outside.

Class 4: Overview of skin and coat maintenance and health both in home and for the groomer. Practice light leash training graduation ceremony!

*Please be on time to the course to ensure that everyone can get the most out of each class. Class instruction will begin promptly at 7pm and last for 55 mins. Active participation is encouraged for each class so be prepared to have fun!

Next Puppy COURSE begins:
Date: Monday, June 2nd
Time: 7pm
Location: New York Dog Nanny Hotel & Manners School, 126 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl (28th/29th), NY, NY 10016
Puppies between 2months -8 months ONLY.
Prerequesites: Please bring in proof of shot record up to date at the first class:
Cost: $295. EARLY BIRD registration comes with a COMPLIMENTARY TRAINING LEAD (VALUE $$25). Participants must register by Tuesday, May 28th at 7:00pm with pre-purchased ticket. LIMITED SPACE. YOUR SPACE WILL CONFIRMED BY THE New York Dog Nanny with an EMAIL FROM NEW YORK DOG NANNY. Please call 917-261-7333.


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