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Big Girl Adventures with New York Dog Walks

By May 14, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

This afternoon was not just another dog walk in the park with our NYC dog walker Cynthia Okimoto. We started off by picking up our girl Winky. I admired her trim waist line and figure (it has been about 6 months since Cynthia has seen Winky in dog). Next, we skipped kitty corner to Harper on 26th and 3rd (this girl too has a new collar)— apparently stipes are in this season! Exiting the building we were admiring the open spaces across the street (1.5 years and counting)– anyone want to open a bar? They have a liquor license.

On the way to the best park in the area for dogs (Madison Square Park), we were the unfortunate witnesses to a woman face planting, thank goodness the dogs were as concerned as Cynthia was. No injuries, but a moment of silence for this tiny mishap. (Pause)

In Madison Square Park we enjoyed an impromptu concern with a Jazz playing dog walker Jason and pal Summer a golden doodle residing on 28th and 8th. The pups said hi to one another politely and we enjoyed a brief chat! Shout out to Dog Trainer Alex– keep up the good counterconditioning work! Can’t wait to meet ya!

Our walk came to an close with a dog dootie duty (Cynthia was unprepared) but rescued by a kind NYCer who gave her three napkins to finish the tidying up!

To book your awesome NYC dog adventure,please contact us at or call 917-261-7333 and let the fun time roll!


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