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Crate Training Your Dog With Care

Should I Crate My Dog During The Day While I’m At Work? 

The debate on the question, “Should I crate my dog while at work?” is a contentious one. Some trainers swear by the crate to keep dogs safe and prevent destructive behavior, while others see it as a way to create an anxious, stressed-out dog. 

So, what is the truth? As with most things in the world of dog behavior, the answer is that it depends. Every dog is an individual with its own unique needs and personality, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. 

Often the answer to the question  “where should I leave my dog when I go to work” is a crate. Crating your dog while you are at work has pros and cons, but with the right training and reinforcement, it can be a positive experience for it.

Consider Your Dog’s Age, Character, And Behavior

Dogs are social animals that need interaction, especially with their owners and family. How long you can leave your dog alone depends on its age, breed, size, and health. 

You can leave some dogs alone for eight hours or more, while you can’t leave others for more than a few hours. You should not leave puppies, senior dogs, small breeds, and dogs with health conditions alone for long periods.

Some owners live alone and often wonder, “Should I crate my dog while at work?” They can, but they will have to train it properly so it would not feel distressed or anxious when they leave for work. 

Many trainers and pet owners have different views on crating pets. The best way is to assess the nature and character of your pet and explore the most suitable options.

Dogs can have an open crate. If your dog has another crate, we recommend covering it on 3 sides to crate a “den-like” ambiance”.

Training A Dog To Use A Crate

The first goal of crate training is to provide your dog with a comfortable space of its own. Another is to assure them that a crate is a place where they can wait safely until their human companions arrive.

It can also be helpful for times when you need to confine your dog. Owners who ask “Should I crate my dog when I leave the house?” will find it useful, especially useful when traveling or grooming. 

It’s best to start when they are eight weeks old, but you can train dogs of any age to use a crate. Here’s how to train your dog to use a crate.

Buy A Crate That’s The Right Size For Your Dog

First, you’ll need to purchase a crate that is the right size for your dog. It should be large enough for them to stand and turn around in, but not so large that they can use one side as a potty area. 

Make Your Dog Familiar With The Crate

Once you have the crate, you’ll need to slowly introduce your dog to it. For younger dogs, you can start by letting them spend 5 to 10 minutes inside it, allowing them to step in and out of the crate. 

You can leave the crate door open for these initial training sessions. Then, when they stay longer inside, you can close the door but leave it unlocked, so the dog can still leave the crate when it feels anxious.

You can also place some food and water inside the crate to entice your dog to enter. Give your dog its favorite treats if it steps inside, or you could use veggies like green beans if you’re seeking healthier alternatives. If you’re wondering, “Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?” Yes, they can, and there are several ways you could serve it to your dog.

You can also place the crate beside your dog’s sleeping area, leaving the door open. Once your dog becomes familiar with it as a place where it can rest, you can increase the length of time it spends inside the crate. 


One alternative to crating is to give your pet a playpen or use a dog gate in your home. These give your dogs enough room to play and walk while you’re away while enclosing them in a controlled space. 


Use Positive Reinforcement

If you have recently purchased a crate for your dog and they do not seem to enjoy it,  add positive reinforcement to the equation. This can be in the form of treats or their favorite toy. 

Their favorite blanket could also encourage them to use the crate as a place to sleep. Whenever they go into the crate, make sure to give them something they enjoy. 

Give Your Dog Some Exercise Time Before Crating

It’s also best to take your dogs for a walk or a run before you put them in the crate, so they begin to understand it is a safe place where they can sleep and relax. 

Give them the opportunity to relieve themselves before they get into the crate, so they know that the crate is not the place to do these things. If your dog needs to do so, take it out on a leash and allow it to poop or pee. Once it is done, take it back to the crate and give it a small treat. 

Dogs are social creatures that can be anxious when they stay in a crate for a long time. Give them exercise and attention when they get out so they won’t feel anxious about using the crate.

Gradually Increase The Amount Of Time They Spend In The Crate

Once your dog is familiar with the crate, you can slowly increase the amount of time they spend in it. But is it okay to put a dog in a crate during the day? Of course, it’s fine, as long as they are comfortable inside it.

Some dogs may need a longer time to feel comfortable inside a crate, but giving them short breaks in between can help. You can walk the dog for a few minutes, then once they are calm, bring the dog to the crate, and reward them with a treat. 

We recommend putting the crate in a corner so that it is more secure and the dog feels safer.

Put The Crate In A Comfortable Location

Should I crate my dog while at work? Well, when your dog can stay in the crate for a longer time, put it in a comfortable location at home when you step out for short periods. 

They should feel safe in the space and be able to see you from the spot when you arrive. During the first few weeks, it’s best to check on them regularly to see how they are doing. 

Dogs are social creatures and need interaction with people or other animals to stay healthy and happy. That said, at times, it is necessary to leave your dog alone for an extended period of time, but once you are at home, give them all the attention and love they need outside of the crate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Crate My Dog During The Day?

Most dogs can stay in a crate during the day for nine hours, but you need to give them a short walk in between. Older dogs might need to stretch their joints, while puppies are not yet toilet trained to stay in a crate for long periods of time. 

How Long Can I Crate My Dog During The Day?

You can put your dog in a crate for nine hours at most, but you need to give them a short walk in between. 

Can I Crate My Dog While I’m At Work?

Yes, you can put your dog in a crate when you’re at work. But once you arrive home, let them out and take them out for a walk. 

Is It OK To Leave A Dog In A Crate For 8 Hours?

You can leave a dog in a crate for a maximum of nine hours, but make sure they are trained to stay inside it for a long time.

Should I Leave My Puppy In A Crate While I’m At Work?

Yes, you can leave your puppy in a crate when you go to work, but let them out once you get home. But it’s best to ask someone to check on your puppy after three to four hours. Once you arrive home, let your puppy out and clean the crate. 

Can I Crate My Dog At Night And While I’m At Work?

Yes, you can crate your dog at night. Just make sure to place it in a comfortable location, so your pup can see you once you arrive home. 

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