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The digital nomad lifestyle has become more desirable for many Americans- especially those who’ve always wanted to get a pet, especially a dog and felt guilty about not being able to spend enough quality time with them. After all, according to MBO Partners research there were around 15.5 million digital nomads in the United States in 2021 — a sharp increase in recent years. A digital nomad lifestyle can offer flexibility, the chance to work from anywhere in the world, endless hours with your pet, and a more significant work-life balance. However, owning a pet and becoming a digital nomad can be daunting. New York Dog Nanny explains how you can do it.

1. Pick the Right Career

Although many conventional careers are turning toward remote work — creative jobs like writing, video editing, blogging, digital marketing, and photography have always been superb options for digital nomads. You can find freelancing gigs in these roles through Upwork and Fiverr.

Millions of American companies now offer remote and hybrid contracts to their employees. As a result, McKinsey & Company notes that around 6 out of 10 Americans can work from home at least one day weekly. Find a company that offers remote or hybrid work opportunities.

The Big Apple is loaded with pet-friendly places to visit with your furry friend, and you can always rely on New York Dog Nanny if you need to work someplace without your pup. But if wanderlust takes you elsewhere, your work and your companion can still stay satisfied. Even places like Vegas can be both remote work- and pet-friendly if you have the right information and resources available. For instance, if there are tasks that you’d like to outsource, search online for an alternative to a Las Vegas staffing agency that can provide you with a remote option to a traditional agency. Such platforms quickly provide you with information about professionals that specialize in the type of work you want to assign like redundant and time-consuming tasks, with fee ranges and a short list of the best available freelancers.

2. Keep Your Pet Healthy

It’s essential to have pet insurance when you’re a digital nomad and a pet owner, especially if you’re traveling in different states or overseas. And if you’re looking for pet insurance in New York, you’ll find it’s often more affordable. When looking for the perfect policy, look for excellent reviews and nationwide coverage.

3. Stay Strong and Active

It’s easy to let yourself go and forget about your health when you’re a digital nomad. After all a freelancer or gig lifestyle can make it so that you have long days of producing or being on until the project is finished.  However, it’s terrible for your health, and you’ll struggle to give your dog enough exercise. If you’re looking to maintain a solid gym routine, New York City has some of the best gyms on the east coast.

4. Maintain a Strict Budget

Keeping a strict budget when you’re a digital nomad and a pet parent is essential. You may need disposable income to look after your pet. However, you can save money by using budgeting apps, finding free things to do, cooking your meals, and finding cheap hotel and Airbnb deals. In addition, you can find cheap flights by booking early or finding last-minute deals. You can also stop expensive habits, such as eating in restaurants and partying in nightclubs.

5. Ensure Your Pet Remains Comfortable

You’ll likely feel uncomfortable when you travel to new places. However, your pet may also feel stressed and uncomfortable. You can prevent this by giving your pet accessories to make them happy and relaxed. These can include a comfortable harness, dog treats, a juicy dog bone, and a soft bed. Before you buy any products, ensure they have excellent reviews from customers and veterinarians.

Having a Pet Shouldn’t Stop Your Digital Nomad Dream

Owning a pet doesn’t mean you can’t work remotely and become a digital nomad from anywhere in the United States. Follow the above pointers – from picking the right career, outsourcing when needed, staying active, and sticking to a budget – and you’ll be working your dream in no time!

Image via Pexels

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