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Train your Dog to Sit

By April 16, 2011March 26th, 2015No Comments

The sit command is possibly the easiest command of    them all: Here is how to train a dog to Sit! Start by facing your dog with treat in hand. Show him the treat and as he trots over, raise it up and over his head. In a desperate attempt to keep his eyes on the food, your dog will be forced to sit down.Say, “SIT” (remember – Connery voice) as soon as your dog starts to do so. Then reward him with the treat. If your dog won’t sit for the food, kneel down next to him, hold his collar in one hand, and push his rear end gently but firmly down until his rump touches the ground while saying, “SIT.” Then reward your dog with pats, ecstatic cheering, a party, or whatever else gets your dog’s tail thumping. Repeat this exercise until your dog sits following the verbal command alone. Always use the same motion of raising your hand way over your dog’s head while saying “sit.” This will teach your dog to also associate the hand movement with the command. Start doing without the treat occasionally (but still the praise) until he no longer needs the treat.

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