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NYC is one of the most friendly dog cities in the world with pop up shops, doggie daycares and of course the top rated dog groomers in and around the country. Whether you have had your pup in your life for many years or have just welcomed a puppy into your life – be sure to level up on these must have NYC puppy life hacks to maximize your pup’s fun factor.

The Social pup is the Happy pup

Dogs are inherently pack animals, that means that they thrive and are brought up to be with other pups. Sure they also can do well as the family dog, but dogs also benefit and feel very at home with their own. As we say often to our clients who work from home- a person will never be another dog (sad but true- and who wouldn’t want the life of a spoiled dog in NYC?).

For instance, many a pup love chewing on another pups ears- its a sign of affection and fun, and also a chance to practice learning healthy boundaries- whether they are the initiator or the receiver. Dogs also love to learn more about their fellow dog from sniffing outside and also rear-ends. Call it a- research! Give your pup a chance to learn all about their likes and dislikes with other pups as well as humans.

Give Your pup a Confidence Booster.

While some dogs can be shy, most are not. What is the key missing ingredient? Confidence. The popular kid in school didn’t become that way by showing up once a month. What do the kids who make an impression have in common- showing up. What creates confidence? Stability and routine. Regular play dates, routine daycare days and even walking with other dogs in the building can be a great way to give your pup a sense of predictability and stability in their lives.

Treat Your Dog to Long Walks in Central Park

Ever feel so good after a day at the beach, or a weekend away outside of Manhattan’s hustle and bustle? Part of that is NYC is packed with energy- always something going on, lots of concrete and not a whole lot of respite from the trees/nature. We can breathe deep, reflect on life and basically reset. Same thing goes for dogs. Dogs recharge by walking on grass, on dirt and amongst the trees. If you can’t make it upstate, Long Island or to Forest Park in Queens or your local park with lot of trees. A dog run is a bonus, but the real rejuvenation happens after an hour or so of breathing in the fresh forest air in a non-rushed saunter.

Upstate NY Hikes Easily Accessible by Public Transportation

Sure your dog does not have a lawn, but we do have plenty of nature hikes that is as close as 40 mins away depending on where you live in NYC. Cold Spring, NY offers canoes for rental and visiting the small river towns just North of the city offer a nice change of pace for the busy NYC dog life. Beacon also has nice hikes for you and your up.

Feed Your Pup the Best Fresh Dog Food with Locally Sourced Dog Meals

Kibble is processed food. Prescription dog food is also processed food. Meaning it is less fresh and less healthy than cooking for your dog and therefore less nutritious. Why does prescription dog food work for dogs that can’t eat dry food off the shelf? Because it is made with higher grade food. Feed your dog human grade food with local providers Ollie, Farmer’s Dog or Pet Plate.

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