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Most of the times, when we hear of CBD oil, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis, we think of the benefits it has on humans. Little is shared about the benefits of CBD for dogs.

However, pet-loving scientists have explored whether or not CBD oil can be beneficial for their pets. What were the findings? Can pet owners get CBD for dogs, cats, or other pet animals they own?

Lowers anxiety levels

You probably haven’t considered this, but your pets also do go through anxiety and it is not caused by public talking school assignment. Some have what is termed separation anxiety that causes them to extremely anxious when you leave the house. 

The system responsible for this can be harnessed by endocannabinoids that interact with CBD oil and causes anxiety levels to lower. CBD makes the serotonin levels stay at their required level which protects your pet also from stress.

Improves immune system

The immune system is most popular for its ability to combat unwanted effects from harming the body. This system may seem like the strongest as it should be but the truth is it can’t optimally do what it can, at least not without help. 

So, cannabinoids boost the immune system giving it all it needs to rejuvenate itself and continue fighting germs and infections.  This will result in fewer visits to the vet and give your pets the opportunity to live a healthy life.

Improved nervous system

Toxins and radicals may start to find strength and start causing problems for your dog as it ages and that puts in neural health in danger. However, CBD can help from degenerative diseases like osteoarthritis and brain cell death. 

To combat this, CBD shields the brain of your dog from neurotoxicity and prevents severe brain damage that is caused by certain parts of the nervous system failure.

Treating cancer tumors and preventing them

Most of the dogs diagnosed with cancer face the risk of being euthanized because of their hopeless conditions that will do nothing but waste medical funds. 

As you know, the best cure is prevention, and CBD is reported to have the uses of a cancer preventative of pets and even humans too. CBD can work even after your dog has been diagnosed to have a cancer tumor as it prevents them from replicating.

Reduces the risk of having a seizure

Just like humans, pets also experience seizures, tremors, and spasms as a result of epilepsy. CBD has been proven to be useful in cats and dogs as it has been reported to have the potential of controlling these seizures and tremors. 

Studies have also shown that pets with epilepsy had great health improvement after using CBD for five months.

Improves appetite

As a pet owner, you may have faced a situation where your pet didn’t want to eat at all and the shame of it all is that she cannot tell you what the problem is.  

There may be several reasons for this, but most of those reasons lead back to the symptom of losing appetite. CBD oil can help your pet by initiating hunger hormones that may block nausea and encourage your pet to eat.

Kills pain and inflammation

This is one of the most famous health benefits of CBD oil amongst humans. Its ability to naturally heal and reduce inflammation has caused it to be considered a natural painkiller. 

If your pet suffers from chronic pain, this method can be very useful for it as it can be used to alleviate the pain. As for pets with arthritis, it can reduce inflammation in the joints.

Improves the quality of life

CBD is not only used as a reactive natural remedy but can be ingested even when nothing has been detected or diagnosed as a preventative measure. Pet owners may buy CBD for their pets and give them regularly to improve their quality of life as a lifestyle regiment.

This natural remedy’s usage doesn’t only end up with humans only, but humans can also use it on their pets. The overall health improvements of CBD are worth the efforts and will benefit both your dog and yourself.

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