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No Favorites @ New York Dog Nanny

By October 6, 2014March 26th, 2015No Comments

It’s approximately 1 month into the doggie academic school year and you may be wondering what it is that dogs do ALL Day long while at doggie daycare. We are very proud to announce our very new curriculum which serves to give your dog a comprehensive engaging half day or full day.

It has been our distinct pleasure to work with a host of the city’s top dog trainers to establish a fun and engaging play environment for dogs of all ages. Our curriculum ensures that your dog has a balance of healthy play, proper social engagement and increased listening skills throughout the day to take direction from loving dog nannies and other pups as well. Just as dogs can learn from YOU the dog parent, they also learn from their dog friends and also their handlers– be it the dog walker, neighbor or daycare or boarding attendants.

We strongly stress the method of modeling positive and calm behavior to all of the dogs– whether it’s day one or day 100 and beyond. We understand that dogs go through various life situations- a parent going back to work or school, a new roommate, or a season change in their person’s work season which may cause them some confusion in adjusting to their routine which is why daycare AND walks can be a great option for a city pup.

With dogs being great at following patterns– (hello they know where the treats are kept, what the leash means, and what the doorbell or door knock signals), they also have a great sense of timing– when their person is coming home from work and what the suitcases can signify. They also very much look forward to walks and going to daycare to visit their friends. Have you ever seen the joy a dog expresses when they are going to daycare? When they see their buddy they haven’t seen in a few weeks or months! How about a dog meeting another of it’s same breed? It
s pure joy and total acknowledgement!

Just as your dog has these natural cues that signify a treat, a guest or going to meet up with friends, they too can learn more cues or have specific cues enhanced for more relaxation, more play and of course more listening which is what we are ALL about at New York Dog Nanny. With song time, play time and a set of very creative staff we have an interactive curriculum that ensures that every dog gets a chance to play fairly and has an equal chance to relax and look out the window, or enjoy just cuddling up next to a human or doggie buddy! Sorry no favorites, that promotes competition, and we love each dog fairly and equally!

We have open enrollment at our doggie daycare in Rose Hill. Please stop by for a visit or call us! We are located at 126 Lexington Ave, 2nd Fl, NY, NY 10016.


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