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We know what you’re thinking. A dog nanny seems like a made-up job that only exists in movies. We’re pleased to say, you’re wrong! There are hundreds of dog nannies all across the world. Some part-time, some full-time, and many aspirational.

Before we help you get started in this fantastic career, let’s explore what being a dog nanny is all about. Dog nannies help pet owners care for their animals when they’re away on holiday, at work, or whenever their services are needed.

Depending on your client, you may have different responsibilities, however, you’re generally expected to look after them as if they were your own. This involves tasks such as walking, feeding, and handling the animals.

So, now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the important part. Here are six simple steps to get you started as a dog nanny. å

Get as Much Experience as Possible

Everyone must start somewhere. People think of their animals as their children, so they will want you to have some experience before they entrust you with their pets. Ask friends and family if they are willing to test out your services in exchange for some great reviews.

Speak to Others in the Field

If you really want to make a living as a dog nanny, it helps to get involved with the local community. Reach out to people in the same field and ask them how they got started. You can also ask them important questions about the jobs, such as what kind of eye wipes for dogs they use or how they handle potential medical issues.

Consider Getting Certified

You may not be able to get a degree in pet sitting, but there are some online certifications you can consider which will help boost your reputation. These aren’t entirely necessary, but they do look good on your CV.

Ask Clients to Refer You

There are hundreds of people that need a pet sitter; however, it’s often hard to get in touch with them. The best way to find new customers is through referrals. Ask your satisfied clients if they have any friends that may be interested in hiring you.

Sign Up to a Pet Sitting App

Another increasingly popular way to find more pet sitting clients is by signing up to specialised apps. You can also join local social media groups on platforms like Facebook or even go through a professional pet sitting agency.

Establish an Online Presence

Establishing an online presence can help improve your chances of securing clients. Make sure to add plenty of pictures of you and a summary of your relevant experience.

Hopefully these top tips have inspired you to pursue your passion for dog nannying. It’s a bit harder to get your start in this field than in others; however, once you get a few stellar reviews, you’ll see how the work starts to flow. If you have a passion for animals, you’ll be sure to thrive.

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