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Feeding your dog something that you enjoy might not be good for your dogs. We already know that there are so many differences in the internal organs of human and a dog. If you would feed something that you eat without knowing its effects on your pet then this can be dangerous. We all love our pet and when we bring a new dog into the house, it becomes a loved one of the entire family. Saying no to those big puppy eyes is nearly impossible. This is the time when we end up sharing our food. We have to understand that sharing is not always caring in this case.

Some food has ready bad effects on dogs and that can even lead to death. There are some enzymes present in particular food items that are bad for dog health. Dogs tend to drool around even at your food but we have to understand that sharing here would be bad for them. You can, of course, feed your dog some human superfood that is good for dogs. There is some human food that dogs enjoy and you can totally give your dog that food. Petsnurturing has brought some toxic foods to avoid feeding your dog that you need to know:


Sometimes people give alcohol to dogs to see the dog’s reaction. This might seem to be funny for you but in reality, this is the worst thing that you can do. This is not very usual but some notorious people end up doing this. Even if you are throwing an alcoholic party at home then also you should check no one is getting alcohol to your dogs. We already know that alcohol is not good for human health so imagine how bad it can be for dogs. Getting your dog a good amount of alcohol can even take your dog’s life so be very careful.

Even if your dog would lick some drops of alcohol then it can cause intoxication in them. Your dog would not be able to coordinate with you rather the dog would not able to understand your command. The problem of acidity would also take place in your dog. You would also see that your dog would face problem in breathing. If the amount of alcohol would increases then this can even end up with your dog’s life. Coma can also take place that you would never want. If you ever see your dog licking drops of alcohol the rush to the vet. Some medicines would always help your dog is recovering.

Candies and chewing gums:

You get tempted by candies and chewing gums right? Trust me even your dog would also like to have a bite of that colorful stuff. Would you let your dog have candy or chewing gum? If yes then you are decreasing your dog’s lifespan. This might sound rude to you but offering your favorite candy can take your dog’s life. This is strange, isn’t it? How can that pretty candy take a life? Well, this is true so you should not get candies of chewing gum to your pet.

Sugar is something that is already very dangerous and candies are loaded with sugar. This can cause a sugar rush in your dog which later would become diabetes in dogs. This condition would decrease the life span of your dog. Some candies also contain xylitol which is again very dangerous for your dog. After having chewing gum or candies, your dog might start vomiting. Diarrhea and lack of coordination can also be seen.


We always try to share the food that we relish and chocolate is one of them. We love our pets but sometimes sharing the food can make us apart. While chocolates are very healthy for human f taken in an adequate amount but dogs can’t have it. Caffeine and theobromine are the main culprits here that degrade dog health. These two elements can increase the heart rate of the dog and dogs can also have a nervous breakdown. The richness of cocoa can determine how dangerous it can be for the dog. Vomiting and diarrhea are two common issues in this case.

Cocoa powder is the worst thing on the list for the dog. Dark chocolate can be deadly while white chocolate might not harm that much. The presence of cocoa plays a dirty game for dogs. If your dog accidentally consumes chocolate then you need to get your dog immediate medical support.

Raisins and grapes:

Too many raisins and grapes can even be dangerous for humans. Grapes fresh or dried, contains too much tart juice which can be dangerous for health. Even though these food are good for humans if taken in a limited quantity. If this can be dangerous for you then imagine how dangerous it can be for dogs. Raisins and grapes are very hard on a dog’s kidney and it can even cause other complications. It is always better to keep these things away from your dog. This is one of the most toxic foods for your dog.


Were you expecting this on the list? Well, the purpose of yeast is to make our bread and cake raise and airy. This is what it does to the dog as well. Even if you would get a small quantity of yeast to your dog then also this can lead to some serious health issues. Indigestion is very common and bloating would also take place. Even if your dog would not die but the pup would suffer a lot. Farting can also happen and if you notice such conditions then take your pup to the vet. Some medicines would relieve the situation for your pup.

If you see your dog even a small part of any of these foods then take your pup to the vet for immediate help.

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