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The recent popularity of CBD in pet products has gained the attention of several pet owners. The cannabinoid promises a path of natural recovery with minimal side effects that appeals to many dog owners.

As we explore the choices of CBD infused pet products available in the market, we come across many low-quality sellers and products. It creates a challenge for a novice buyer in identifying the best products for their dogs that guarantee quality and safety. So, here are six crucial points to assess any CBD pet product to make sure you only choose the best for your furry buddies.

The Origin

Going organic is a crucial decision while shopping for some kinds of plants more than others. Buying CBD from organic origins is not only about supporting a sustainable practice, but it also reduces the chances of exposure to several harmful chemicals that could accumulate in your pet’s body. As a result, the substance can provide high-quality cannabinoids for medicinal applications without inducing any harmful side effects.

Start by assessing the label to identify the country of origin. It will give you a good idea about the plants’ growing conditions that your CBD product derives from. Legalized countries establish regulatory measures for hemp cultivation. The plants grow under appropriate conditions such as healthy coils, proper humidity, temperature levels, and lighting, which guarantee the quality and safety of the cannabinoid.

Therefore, look for CBD’s origin country to understand the safety and efficiency of the product for instance- search something like:  CBD Oil for Dogs in the UK. Make sure to understand the regulations around cultivation in the country to know more about the quality of the cannabinoid.

Type Of CBD Product

There are several types of CBD-infused products available for your pets in the market. Tinctures are the most preferred choice for therapeutic applications. The dosage is straightforward in this case, and you can easily administer it to your pet using a dropper or by adding it to their meal.

Capsules contain CBD oil and take about 30 – 45 minutes to begin showing effects. They are very convenient to use as you can easily hide them between your furry buddy’s food.

Dog treats are yet another elegant way of exposing your pet to CBD. Like CBD gummies for anxiety, infused dog treats mask the taste of the cannabinoid and make it easy to dose your pet. It can be useful to enhance appetite, fight insomnia and anxiety. Moreover, topicals show almost immediate effects after administration. The cannabinoids get absorbed through the skin and can treat common problems such as pain, inflammation, and allergies.

You can explore the benefits of each of these products for your pet before making the right choice.

Full Spectrum Or Isolate

The terms full-spectrum and isolates are commonly available on CBD product labels. Full-spectrum CBD oil-based products contain the entire collection of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the hemp plant, along with traces of THC. These products harness the power of the cannabinoids and terpenes’ entourage effect and are ideal for therapeutic applications.

CBD isolates contain nothing but cannabidiol. The absence of other phytochemicals of the hemp plant might affect the efficiency of isolate products in providing excellent benefits to your pets. So, always choose full-spectrum products for your dog for the best health benefits.
Extraction Method

The extraction method directly influences the quality and safety of CBD. There are four primary extraction methods – olive oil, CO2, dry ice, and solvent-based methods. The CO2 way is one of the superior choices as it gives the purest form of CBD oil without contaminating the compound with traces of solvents or other chemicals.

Olive oil and dry ice are next in line with comparable quality of CBD oil production. Solvent-based methods are the least favorite, especially for pets. The traces of unnecessary chemicals in the CBD product could have severe effects on your pets. They might also rupture the natural potency of the cannabinoids rendering the product weak and worthless. Explore the label or the manufacturer’s website to gather information about the extraction method before buying a CBD pet product.

COA – Certificate Of Analysis

A COA or Certificate Of Analysis clarifies the authenticity and quality of the cannabis product in hand. Typically you can find this detail on the manufacturer’s website or the product label. Go through the results of three necessary tests – Microbial test for pathogen detection, heavy metal test for pollutants detection, and pesticide test to certify organic practices. A positive result in these tests guarantees the quality and safety of your product.

The certificate should also discuss essential details such as CBD presence and concentration. Several manufacturers skirt regulations by eliminating the term CBD from their labels. They typically call it hemp oil without any mention of the concentration of CBD. Purchasing such products can do more harm than good for your pets.

Understanding the CBD dosage in the product is crucial to utilize it for its benefits. Therefore, avoid buying products that mention just hemp oil. Similarly, avoid products with infused hemp seed oil. Another information to scoop out of the COA is the presence of THC. Typically, hemp-derived products should contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal. Yet, it is the best choice to look for products with zero detectable THC for elevated benefits.

While a small THC concentration does not harm humans, it can have elevated pets’ effects, even in trace amounts. The cannabinoid could make them anxious, paranoid, and uncomfortable.

No Cheap Products

If the CBD product’s price feels significantly lower than the market standard, it is a big red flag.  There are companies like Royal CBD that offer premium CBD grade goods.  In most cases, cheap CBD products come from low-quality hemp and poor extraction methods. These products could carry too many chemicals that can have harmful side effects to your pet. It might also contain a very low CBD concentration that may not be effective for your dog.

Explore the market to recognize reputed brands that promise quality. Avoid companies that provide CBD products at low prices as compromising on CBD’s quality can induce safety concerns for your pet.


Using these tips, you can choose the best CBD products available for your dog in the market to achieve good health and wellness. Consult your vet before administering cannabinoids to your pet. Be very careful with the dosage limit and possible allergic reactions while using CBD products.

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