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Preparing for a road trip can be pretty involved, especially if you’re heading out for a long journey. Taking your dogs can make planning that much more complicated. You want to ensure everyone has what they need to avoid unnecessary shopping trips. However, just like it’s easy to pack way more than you’re going to need for a vacation, it can be easy to overpack for your dogs. So, it’s essential to take everything everyone requires to be comfortable and secure but not so much that you’ll be packed like sardines in your vehicle. Follow these suggestions to ensure a safe and fun adventure with your pups.

Pack All the Essentials and More

  • Food and water: Take plenty of the food your dogs usually eat. Make sure you take water for them to drink while traveling.
  • Bowls: Collapsible bowls can be ideal to have on hand while not taking up much.
  • Treats: Taking their favorite treats can reward your furry pals as they ride calmly, being good boys and girls. Also, give them treats after doing their business during potty breaks at rest stops and your hotels, such as Courtyard by Marriott Fort Lauderdale.
  • Creature Comforts: You must take your dogs’ beds and favorite blankets and toys.
  • Carriers and Crates: While you definitely don’t want to keep your dogs cooped up, you may need to contain them in some places for their safety.
  • Medications: Make sure to pack any medicines your dogs regularly take. Also, remember their flea and tick prevention and heartworm medications if you’re going to be gone when they’re supposed to have them.
  • Medical records: Take records that list vaccines, health history, medications, and allergies.
  • Harnesses and Leashes: Always keep your pups on a harness and leash when you’re outside.
  • Poop Bags: Bring poop bags; some of the places you stop probably won’t have them.

Give Your Dogs a Comfortable Space

While you need to keep your dogs safe, you also need to ensure they have a comfortable ride. Surround your fur babies with their favorite cozy possessions and make sure they have enough space to comfortably lie down.

Restrain Your Dogs

Although your pups will probably want free reign of your vehicle on your road trip, it’s as critical to restrain them as wearing your own seatbelt. This will keep them safer if there’s an accident and allow for safer driving, free of unnecessary distractions. You can get harnesses that will hook securely to your car’s seat belt. Some dogs may prefer to ride in a crate or carrier. In this case, you can secure it in place in a safe part of the vehicle. Never let them ride in the front passenger seat, as they could be seriously injured from the airbag or dash if there is an accident.

Keep Your Dogs Safe

Keep your dogs safe in the car whenever you’re riding. Some pups love sticking their head out the window, but it can be very unsafe in various ways, such as if debris flies into their eyes.

Keep a Realistic Schedule

Traveling with dogs adds more details to your adventure than you may initially consider. Therefore, it’s essential to take extra time to prepare to depart and spend time driving, especially if you must arrive at your destination at a specific time. You may have to stop more times than just gasoline, food and potty breaks. Your furry friends may get antsy in the car and need breaks just to get outside for a while. You may have to stop and clean up if one gets carsick.

Take Breaks Often

Regularly stop for breaks so your dogs can go potty and stretch their legs. It will do everyone good to get out of the car for a few minutes.

You and your pups will have an enjoyable adventure by following these tips. Begin making your to-do list today.

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