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Dog AdviceSpotlight

Meet Daniel the Dog Nanny

We are so pleased to announce a new non-furry face in the crowd named Daniel Jamison.  He hails from the UWS and he commutes all the way on two paws to get to NY Dog Nanny to rub shoulders with…
August 12, 2013
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

Meet 8 of the Cutest NYC Dogs

Have you met the cutest dogs in NYC yet? Are you wondering who the doggies in the window are on Lexington Ave. Here are 8 forerunners for NYC dogs that will absolutely melt your heart. Check out them out here:
April 14, 2013
Dog AdviceLifeStyle

Can Toys make your Dog Smarter?

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Ottosson. If you don’t recognize her name, Ms. Ottosson is a Swedish-born, pet industry entrepreneur who created interactive puzzle games for dogs and cats. After giving birth to two children within a…
April 7, 2013
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